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  • Diagnosing & Treating Skin Conditions at Mount Sinai St. Luke’s

    We offer a variety of treatment options that address the diverse skin types and grooming practices of our patients. We also advise patients on how to choose the right skin and hair care products and cosmetics, in addition to general dermatology services.

    Department of Dermatology Services

    We offer a comprehensive range of diagnostic tests and treatments, which includes all available topical, oral, and injection therapies, as well as: 
    • Dermatologic surgery and excisions, including Mohs surgery. Mohs surgery is the most tissue-sparing method available for treating skin cancer and melanomas, and the department has surgeons fellowship-trained in the technique.
    • Patch and photo patch testing. As a member of the North America Contact Dermatitis Group, the department is one of 14 centers in North America specializing in these diagnostic procedures to determine causes of allergic contact dermatitis and photosensitivity.
    • Pediatric dermatology services for infants, children, and adolescents for the full range of childhood dermatological conditions.
    • Immunodermatology for such immunological-based conditions as bullous diseases and lupus. A special immunodermatological clinic is held once a month.
    • A multidisciplinary approach to psychocutaneous conditions (conditions that have both dermatological and psychological components).
    • Dermatopathology with specially trained physicians who are board certified both in dermatology and pathology, and are uniquely qualified to read skin biopsies.
    • The Skin of Color Center, a unique center that focuses on patient care, education, and research of conditions in patients of color.
    • Laser therapies, including pulsed dye and excimer.
    • Phototherapy and photodynamic therapy, including UV, UVA, PUVA, and narrow band UVB therapy.
    • Punch grafting therapy, a technique that replaces targeted areas of skin and is often used to treat acne scars and in small areas of skin affected by vitiligo.
    • Cosmetic dermatology for aging skin, injury, and scarring, with an expertise in treating all skin types and shades, including such procedures as chemical peels, lasers, Botox®, fillers. The department also offers laser hair removal, laser skin rejuvenation, skin tightening with lasers, tattoo removal, and hair transplantation.
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