• Find Support

    At Mount Sinai St. Luke’s, we understand how hard it can be to find the right kind of support. We offer a variety of support groups so you can connect with people who want to help you find the peace you need.
    • Support Groups

      St. Luke’s offers a variety of patient, caregiver, and crime victim support groups. We’re here for you.

    • Crime Victims Treatment Center

      Our mission is to empower survivors of family and intimate partner violence, sexual assault, childhood sexual abuse, and other forms of violence and crime.

    • Community Outreach Services

      St. Luke’s Medical Group is committed to delivering Harlem with the medical care the community deserves.

  • Find a Mount Sinai Health System Doctor

    Mount Sinai has a full range of primary care physicians and specialists.

  • Directions

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    Mount Sinai St. Luke’s
    1111 Amsterdam Ave
    New York, NY 10025