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  • Interventional Cardiology

    Our interventional cardiologists belong to a special branch of cardiology that uses minimally invasive, non-surgical procedures to treat cardiovascular disease. Many procedures require an overnight stay in the hospital, but in some cases, you may go home the same day.

    Conditions We Treat

    In addition to interventional heart procedures, our catheterization laboratory has the expertise to treat peripheral arterial disease, including artery blockages in the legs, kidneys, and neck, without surgery.
    Angioplasty and Percutaneous Coronary Stenting
    Angioplasty and percutaneous coronary stenting are procedures to widen or hold open narrowed or blocked arteries.
    Coronary atherectomy is used to remove or reduce large plaque deposits from coronary arteries.
    Balloon Valvuloplasty
    Balloon valvuloplasty, also called percutaneous balloon valvuloplasty, is a procedure used to enlarge a narrowed, or stenotic, heart valve.
    Catheter Ablation
    Catheter ablation uses a catheter introduced inside the heart to record information or to reproduce an arrhythmia to identify its precise location.
    Coronary Thrombectomy
    Coronary thrombectomy is a minimally invasive procedure performed to remove a blood clot, from a coronary artery or other blood vessel.

    How to Get an Interventional Cardiology Procedure at St. Luke’s 

    For a referral to an expert cardiologist at Mount Sinai St. Luke’s in New York City, please call 877.996.9334.
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  • 125th St. Cardiology Center

    The cardiology practice at 125th St. offers patients and referring physicians a central location in which all their cardiology needs can be met in comfort.