• Research

    We are committed to investigating and advancing the ways in which psychiatric conditions are treated. Our research studies are funded by a variety of programs, including federal agencies, pharmaceuticals companies, and foundation grants, allowing us to offer patients free or limited fee care in exchange for their research participation. Patients are encouraged to check back often to see if any studies that they are interested in and may qualify for are open for enrollment.


    As most of our research studies are “clinical” studies, treatment is often available to patients who choose to enroll. This includes new or state-of-the-art interventions that are still being tested, as well as established treatments that are tried in new populations. Before a patient enrolls in a research project, a staff member will review the study’s goals, the pros and cons of participating, and the burden associated with being a participant (such as time commitment). All participants must sign an “informed consent form” prior to beginning the study. It is important to recognize that participation in a research study is strictly voluntary, and that failure to participate will not affect a patient’s routine medical care; however, some treatments may not be available other than through the research study.

    Because the treatments are being delivered within the context of research projects, patients may be “randomly assigned” to various treatment options. This means that they may or may not get the treatment of their choice. In addition, participants in clinical trials often are required to provide information to the researchers on a regular basis by completing questionnaires or by giving blood or urine samples. Patients may or may not be compensated for the time they spend completing research measures and providing samples.

    The Research Team

    Depending on the study selected, the research team will vary. However, all research projects have a Principal Investigator (PI) who is responsible for the project, and many also have a research coordinator, research assistant, study physician, study nurse, and/or study therapists. Treatment personnel are licensed medical and mental health professionals who have special training in the research treatments, and advanced trainees who are working alongside and are supervised by the research faculty.

    Program Location and Hours of Operation

    While the various research projects are located throughout St. Luke’s as well as in the community, the administrative offices of the Division of Clinical Research are located at Mount Sinai St. Luke’s in the Behavioral Science Research Unit (BSRU). A Research Administrative Assistant is available to take calls, answer questions, and direct patients to studies from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. Please contact us at (212) 523-5232.
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