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  • What to Expect After Bariatric Surgery

    We’ll help you develop a plan of care, so that after surgery, you lose weight safely and learn new behaviors to maintain your weight loss. Our team works with you to make the experience as pleasant as possible.

    In the Hospital

    You’ll spend two to three hours in the recovery room. Depending on the procedure, patients undergoing bariatric surgery typically stay in the hospital about one to two days. While in the hospital, the full team will follow you closely. You’ll stay in a specially designed unit with staff specifically trained in caring for your specific needs.

    Follow-up Visits

    Once you’re discharged from the hospital, you’ll receive specific instructions on dietary plans and medications and guidelines on resuming activities, as well as when and how to contact members of your care team. Your follow-up visits will often include post-op classes on diet recommendations, so be prepared for longer post-op visits. At these visits, diet plans and coping strategies are discussed, and the treatment plan is modified as needed. Blood tests are also routinely done to monitor potential deficiencies. During the first two years after bariatric surgery, you’ll make frequent follow-up visits to the Institute to make sure you’re losing adequate weight in a healthy manner.

    Support Groups

    Attending post-operative bariatric surgery support groups is key to ensuring your long-term weight loss success. The support groups offer a supportive environment to help manage the emotional changes and situations that occur as a result of weight loss and weight loss surgery. The Institute runs several support groups, including one in Spanish. In addition to talking about nutrition and behavior, the support group experience is enriched by lectures and exercise programs. Visit our Patient Tools section to find a support group that meets your needs.

    Long-term Weight Maintenance

    After the first two years, your progress will be followed bi-annually for the next three years. The goal at this stage is weight maintenance. You’ll be taught to recognize problems, and learn when to seek intervention.

    For more specifics about life after bariatric surgery and the post-bariatric surgery diet, see our Patient Tools section.


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