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  • What to Expect Before Bariatric Surgery

    The Institute for Bariatric and Minimally Invasive Surgery at Mount Sinai St. Luke’s develops a plan of care before your surgery, so you’re in the best shape possible for weight loss success.

    Before You Visit Us

    As you begin the process of considering bariatric surgery, be sure to start a supervised diet and exercise program with your primary care physician and document monthly weigh-ins. Our Institute offers a pre-bariatric, medically supervised weight loss program called Food Fitness First. Many insurance companies require this documentation.

    Start speaking with your primary care doctor about your interest in bariatric surgery.

    Call (212) 636-1000 to schedule an initial consultation or to register for an upcoming seminar on bariatric surgery.

    Orientation and Support Groups

    At the bariatric surgery orientation seminar, you’ll receive important information about weight loss surgery. You’re welcome to attend as many support groups as you wish.


    Your first consultation includes a complete history, physical examination, and nutritional consultation.  Our team will also consult with your primary care doctor and send you for a psychological evaluation  and diagnostic work-up.

    The second consultation is designed to give us an opportunity to review the completed work-up. Once we decide that you’re an appropriate candidate (or pinpoint what needs to be done to help you become an appropriate candidate), we’ll discuss the choice of procedure and the specifics of your plan of care, as well as establish a pre-operative weight loss plan and long-term goals. You’ll also get a date for bariatric surgery.

    Pre-operative Education

    A pre-operative education class takes place approximately two weeks before the surgery date. Here, the team reviews your current health status, goes over the post-surgery diet and lifestyle changes, and discusses risks and complications. You’ll also have blood drawn and meet with the anesthesiologist. We will also discuss what to expect on the day of your bariatric surgery.

    As part of the pre-operative education process, you’ll receive a quiz to evaluate your understanding of the information you’ve received in preparation for bariatric surgery. If you answer any questions incorrectly, it will alert us to review this area with you and to retest you until we — and you — are satisfied that you understand the key concepts involved.

    The Day Before Surgery

    The day before your surgery, you’ll be given specific instructions to help prepare you. For more specifics on your pre-operative diet, what medications to take and which to avoid, what to bring to the hospital, what to expect the day of surgery, and the forms you’ll need to download, see our Patient Tools section.

    How to Schedule Your Initial Consultation

    Ready to learn more? Use our appointment scheduling form  to schedule an initial consultation. For more information or to register for an upcoming seminar on bariatric surgery, please call (212) 636-1000.
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