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  • Pediatric Orthopedics

    Children's musculoskeletal systems are still growing and differ from an adult’s in many ways, making treatment of their orthopedic conditions very different. Mount Sinai St. Luke’s in Manhattan is proud to provide expert pediatric orthopedists who treat a wide range of orthopedic conditions encountered by children and adolescents.

    Conditions Treated

    • Broken bones including simple and compound fractures
    • Foot conditions including club foot and other congenital anomalies
    • Spine disorders including scoliosis, kyphosis, spina bifida
    • Neuromuscular disorders including cerebral palsy, Erb's (brachial plexus) palsy, and muscular dystrophy.
    • Our orthopedic specialists are an important part of the multidisciplinary team that treats childhood neuromuscular disorders, improving the mobility and stability of joints and/or function of affected limbs.
    • Hip conditions including hip dysplasia
    • Pediatric sports injuries
    • Bone and joint infections
    • Limb length deficiencies

    Our Staff

     For an expert evaluation of your child's condition, call 1-800-753-3240 and ask for a referral to a Mount Sinai St. Luke’s pediatric orthopedist.
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